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Norcal Wheeling

AsiaWheeling Mobile Offices: Emerald Hills, Northern California

After a brutal headwind kept me airborne for some 7 hours, my flight from Boston arrived in San Fransisco, and I pulled open the door of a gleaming silver Acura to see Scott smiling at me behind a pair of giant sunglasses.

Scott Raging

The California shown bright and warm all around us. Immediately, we set about taking stock and charting out our last couple days in America. We needed to change currency, acquire some Panama hats, and spiff up the blog.� Notice the delightful new theme? (notice the even newer theme?) a� Scott Norton original, buy travel insurance, go wheeling hard, mail off AsiaWheeling t-shirts, pack, chill, breath, and gird our loins in general.

Woody in the Jeep

I found Scott’s home to be gorgeous and comfortable and his family both gracious and friendly. We borrowed a fine bicycle from a Dr. Jeff Norton (no relation) which served us well on a savage wheel through Scott’s Woodside, Portola Valley, Stanford, downtown Palo Alto, and back up to Emerald Hills.

Post Wheel

While its true we technically leave the country tomorrow, as you can see, AsiaWheeling is already well underway…


  1. Angela | June 3rd, 2008 | 8:45 am

    Glad you got to wheel around California. Safe travels on the first leg of your journey.

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