Executive Development Program

Learn to Thrive at the Extremes of Experience.

It’s time. Put your feet on the pedals and experience the extremes first hand.  The AsiaWheeling Executive Development Program (EDP) is an intensive leadership and skill building program for corporate teams at innovative global companies who wish to thrive in an increasingly dynamic and globalized world. Participating executive team members engage in the discipline of AsiaWheeling by adventuring through cities on bicycle, solving logistic and interpersonal problems in real time, interacting with local populations, and learning about the commercial forces shaping our global economy.

The core team of AsiaWheeling and relevant bureau chiefs will accompany the executive team from destination to destination, maximizing skill development, while minimizing safety risk to the participants. As a key part of the experience, participants will work together communicating their experiences back to corporate headquarters through a multimedia blog. Seminars will be held during transit both for Bureau Chiefs to present primers on language and regional economies, as well as for executives to present to each other on discovered opportunities and risk analysis.

Thrive in Chaos

Benefits of the Program:

  • Development of awareness for evaluating trustworthiness, safety, and risk in new situations
  • Increased mental fortitude
  • Development of leadership capacity by navigating and communicating in the unknown
  • Broadened perspective from first hand experience in frontier and emerging markets
  • Foundation of cultural, linguistic, and historical knowledge as tools for further self-directed learning.
  • Heightened enjoyment of problem solving and comfort in states of flux

All in a Day’s Work

Program activities include:

  • Transport and Ride Folding Bicycles, Explore Cities, Towns and Villages, Practice Map-Reading and Orienteering
  • Receive Local Language Primer for Navigation and Survival
  • Learn Haggling and Small Scale Commercial Negotiation
  • Maintain a multimedia trip blog to communicate with colleagues
  • Produce presentation on local commercial opportunities and risk factors
  • Participate in economic and geopolitical history seminars held by Bureau Chiefs and Field Commanders

You’re Coming With

    AsiaWheeling Provides:

  • Travel Blogging Platform Designed with integrated corporate identity
  • Logistics Planning: Flight Bookings, Local Transport, Accommodation
  • Local Bureau Chiefs providing guidance and translation
  • Recommended equipment and clothing outfitters
  • Recommended Visa and Preparatory Medical Services
  • Alumni Communication Network and Online Forum

For further detail regarding Executive Development Program package and pricing please email edp@asiawheeling.com.

Two sample itineraries may be found below, though each program is customized and highly dependent on the priorities of your firm.

Sample Itinerary I: China and Beyond
Season: April to October
Day One Fly to Beijing, China. Overcome jetlag, familiarization with with local bargaining techniques
Day Two Wheel Beijing, Discussion of Chinese Urban Design Choices, Fly to Urumqi
Day Three Day trip to Turpan, Wheel Turpan
Day Four Train to Kashgar, Chinese Language Primer and Chinese Economic History Seminar
Day Five Wheel Kashgar. Sunday Market and Livestock Bazaar
Day Six Private coach to Osh Kyrgyzstan via the Torugart Pass: Russian Language Primer, Oil and Gas Geopolitics Primer
Day Seven Wheel Osh. Private coach to to Tashkent. Individual Presentations.
Day Eight Wheel Tashkent, Train from Tashkent to Samarkand
Day Nine Wheel the ancient city of Samarkand
Day Ten Fly Home from Samarkand Via Seoul
Wheeling Crew Our Most Noble Steeds
After Dinner Entertainment Registan_sunset

Sample Itinerary II: India Immersion
Season: January to October
Day One Fly to Chennai, India, Taxi to Pondicherry, overcome jetlag. Overview of Indian bargaining techniques.
Day Two Wheel Pondicherry and explore nearby fishing villages. Evening flight to Varanassi.
Day Three Awaken in Varanassi and explore temples on bicycle. Row a boat down the river Ganges
Day Four Fly home from Varanassi via Delhi
Fishing Boats Reserved Waiting Hall
Our Boat Driver Mahua TV Channel

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