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Korean Airlines

I awoke today somewhat groggy from our working late into the night finalizing the geoblogging software and no small time spent packing and unpacking our belongings, struggling to leave behind all but the most essential materials. I stumbled out of bed and peered over Norton’s shoulder to find to find him deep in the Unix command line, trying to download his capital markets training materials via recursive wget, just as we we were having some luck piping a list of urls into the wget procedure, the succulent aromas of fried ham, scrambled eggs and pancakes wafted upstairs. I donned my lucky shirt given to me by my good David Harrington friend We followed it like lemmings. After a delightful breakfast and an fascinating introduction to stem cell and cancer research by the illustrious John Norton, we realized it it was time we left the comfortable womb of Scott’s most gorgeous house and set forth into the unknown.

Asiawheeling at SFO

I was completely unable to contain my excitement, and grinned like a fool even throughout the entire “secondary screening” I was asked to endure by airport security. Beaming from the inside of a great glass box, I heard a soothing mechanical voice coo, “engaging air jets.” Suddenly I was hit by a barrage of tiny puffs of air, from every direction. After some whirring and clicking, a light turned green and I was told I had passed and could proceed. I walk out of security, still grinning and babbling, and joined Mr. Norton, headed for gate A7.

Korean Airlines is adorned with splendorous luxuries. I recommend the experience without a shred of reservation. For the flight attendants, in their delightful sea-foam uniforms of the flight attendants, complete with leather blazer and multiple dramatic sashes.

The food was also splendid and came often. We were given a beer and nuts course, followed by a futuristic bibimbop, with seaweed soup.


Desert was a round of clonozapam and a fitful sleep as we sailed through the north pacific towards Korea.


  1. Diane Heditsian | June 6th, 2008 | 9:51 am

    Thanks, Woody. Keep em coming.

  2. Woody | November 14th, 2009 | 4:03 pm

    Thanks Diane, you and John and the deClariy team are the best!

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