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Çesme Me

That next morning we woke up to a beautiful view of the Çesme coastline, and a giant statue of a lady holding out an olive branch.

Our slumber in the Doblo had not been amazing, but not bad either. Regardless, we were excited to get back on the road. Claudia’s tooth was still causing pain but less than the day before. She took another azythromicin and we drove down into the city.

Back in town, we stopped at a restaurant specializing in a dish something in between a crepe and an omelet nearby Dost Pide. It was accompanied by a large green jug of delicious homemade salty yoghurt.

From there we drove outside of town to the beach. The water was choppy, but blue and crystal clear.

As we drove along for kilometers, we saw people swimming in the water or walking along the coastline. It seemed the residents of each neighborhood had their own little piece of beach and were taking advantage of it.

We decided this was the place to go wheeling. So we unfolded the cycles. There were, of course, only three Dahons however, and four of us. Diane volunteered to stay back and read by the beach while we three fools wheeled the coastline.

And wheel we did, making our way along the coast, stopping from time to time to head down to the water and investigate little inlets and coves. The water was very clean and inviting. So clear was it, in fact, that we could see the bottom just littered with spiny urchins. These urchins were the only things keeping us from taking a dip some dozen times during the wheel.

We wheeled on past stunning rocks and sea, past layers sedimentary rock and majestic arcs of coastline. It was almost too beautiful, almost cheesy in its idyllic glory.

Finally, we found a public swimming dock that was so crowded we felt there must be a way to swim without being urchined to death, so we went in. The water was colder than expected, but quite refreshing.

From that beach, we wheeled uphill into a small hilltop development, from which we were able to catch a long downhill back to where Diane was waiting for us. It was a short, but very sweet wheel.

We then climbed back in the Doblo and headed onward toward the next seaside town. We stopped partway there to buy and then eat a giant picnic lunch of olives, bread, oil, cheeses, and tiny fish.

We reached Güzelçamlı just as the sun was setting and checked into the Ecer Pension, a small family run guesthouse, where none of the rooms had locks. A large family style breakfast was included with our rate, and we were given an entire floor to ourselves.


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