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AsiaWheeling Presents Project K9

Dear Reader,

AsiaWheeling is pleased to announce the launch of a much discussed and long awaited piece of functionality. We are speaking, of course, about AsiaWheeling’s Project K9.

But what is Project K9, you ask? Well, there are some things we can tell you, and some that will have to remain secret for now. To give you a basic idea, Project K9 is a treasure hunt, taking place all across Asia, the middle east, and Siberia, and we want you to get involved.

From now on, AsiaWheeling will be exploring cities not merely in search of the extremes of experience, but also in search of treasures that have been requested by our readers. Still a little confused? I understand. Perhaps an example of one such treasure would help to shed some light on the subject.

Scott was catching up with Gabriel Lepine (pictured left) over cocktails at the Macao Trading Company in New York City. As the two discussed AsiaWheeling’s new treasure hunt initiative, Gab became intrigued. He immediately put his order in for something to grace the wall of his Tribeca apartment. The request? A wooden mask. The price? About $100. A simple request and the perfect challenge for AsiaWheeling.

From there, we ventured off to the east in search of such a mask. We were to find it two weeks into our journey in Yogjakarta, Indonesia, the Javanese cultural capital. The masks felt sturdy and robust. Together, the pair consisted of a king and queen. It seemed like the perfect fit for our man Gab.

We made our way to the Indonesian post office, wrapped it in newsprint, burlap bags, fibrous twine, and brown paper, and sent it on its way to the Big Apple. Corresponding with Gab, we showed him the map below which documents its discovery location.

“I love it, it’s great.” Gab exclaimed upon receiving the masks. Soon, we’ll post a photo of the masks on the wall in their new home, though for now, the loot is pictured below.

Want to place an order in the Project K9 system? There’s still plenty of the trip left and we welcome you to challenge us with requests. Just fill out the request form here, and we’ll follow up over email seal the deal.


  1. Diane Heditsian | April 9th, 2010 | 12:14 am

    I’m wondering why the program is called Project K9.

  2. Scott | April 9th, 2010 | 2:10 am

    Diane, great question.

    AsiaWheeling project K9 is essentially a “bounty hunting” program. One of the most famous bounty hunters appearing recently in pop culture is “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” so we decided to brand the project internally as “K9,” as it is the slang term for canine, meaning dog.

    The project was initially going to be rebranded as the “AsiaWheeling Treasure Hunt” for public release, but people responded positively to K9. So it stuck.

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