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A Profile of the Dahon Speed TR

Disclamer: Asiawheeling was given our Speed TRs by Dahon, Inc. In return, we have agreed to feature the cycles on this website. That said, the opinions expressed here are those of AsiaWheeling alone; and as we continue to use these cycles on the trip we pledge to honestly share with you, dear reader, both the positive and negative natures of the cycles as they present themselves.

It is our transport, our passion, and has saved our lives more than a few times. In the field, exclamations of “God bless the speed TR!” are not uncommon. But what is it? And why is it so invaluable in the field?


The Dahon Speed TR is a rough-and-tumble collapsible bicycle with the fortitude to withstand the crumbling and hardscrabble streets of the developing world, but with the responsiveness and maneuverability to handle the fastest descent, and the quick braking required to respond to changes in the landscape and traffic. The AsiaWheeling speed TRs are equipped with a few notable features.


Easily Adjustable Seats that can be lowered and locked to the cycles for high-security parking


Front and Rear Racks for strap-down and transport of equipment


Each front wheel is equipped with a dynamo hub. Inside the hub is an electrical generator that can be used to power a headlamp, or to charge a mobile device.


The Speed TR uses an innovative transmission – a hybrid system of normal derailleur-based sprocket transmission and a planetary transmission found inside the rear hub. The value here is not only that the Speed TR is able to reach more extreme gear ratios and provide us with more fine-tuned gearing during the ride, but with two types of gearing, even if one of them fails in the field we are not left completely gearless.

Speed TR Horns

A set of Magnesium Alloy mini bullhorns allow us to vary our hand position while riding to prevent blisters and hand injury on a long ride. They also make the cycles look intimidating, which help when merging into traffic.


Brakes and shifters are made out of a light weight alloy, and include interesting imagery to aid us in selecting the appropriate gear ratio.


Handle bars are equipped with a compass bell hybrid. The compass is right most of the time, and the bell is an essential from of communication when in traffic.

AsiaWheeling Handlebars also sport a Knog Nerd cycling computer which lets us know our speed and distance traveled, and a Knog Frog LED headlamp, both of the Knog products are easy-on easy-off. We have quite a few of the lights so when we need to light the Speed TRs up like aircraft carriers, we can.

Speed TR Pedal Removal

Quick release  pedals to aid in decreasing the profile of the cycle during transport. Also, in most of the developing world, no one has ever seen quick release pedals before, so there is little chance someone will try to make off with them.


Vital features of the Speed TR are the front and rear fenders. Particularly useful in preventing cholera ridden street puddles from splashing up into the eyes.


The Speed TR comes standard with Kevlar re-enforced tires. Since we are often riding over terrain that is littered with glass, gnarly pieces of metal, and vicious potholes, we are constantly thankful for this extra protection.


The kickstands on the Speed TRs are the nicest, smoothest operating, and most durable examples of this accessory that I have yet come across. More importantly, they hold the bikes up when we park.

We carry with us a tri-wrench, which is able to perform almost all tightening and normal maintenance, from replacing brakes, to adjusting the seat.  With the addition of a wrench to remove the wheels, we are able to wheel with a minimum amount of tools, but full control over the  mechanics of the cycles.

To fold the cycle one disengages two latches, one which connects the handle bars to the frame, and another, which allows the frame to break in half.

Fully collapsed it takes up about as much room as a large suitcase, and is ready to pack on a plane, train, or automobile.


  1. ALLAN | January 26th, 2010 | 11:35 pm


    Welcome to Singapore. As Dahon’s Preferred and Authorised Dealer, we warmly welcome the Asiawheeling team. Happy to support the Speed TR tuning and support needs.

    Team from Speedmatrix

    We have posted your links on our websites and our Forum

  2. Howard Stevens | February 11th, 2010 | 10:13 pm

    I will be in Singapore at the end of the month and am interested in the Speed TR and would like to meet some enthusiasts and buy one. I am also interested in the Speed Pro TT, but it may not be sufficiently sold. I need advice on this and any other options

  3. Woody | September 5th, 2010 | 12:37 am

    @ Howard Stevens

    How did the trip to Singapore go?

    Did you end up purchasing a folding cycle?

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