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Thank You, Steve.

Dane’s friend Steve, may his beard grow ever longer, had left Bangkok not long after our adventures in Sangklaburi, and had, upon doing so,  most graciously provided us with access to his apartment. So we now had a place of residence in Bangkok, and had begun to lay down roots.

What was to come would be a strange chapter of AsiaWheeling, one which was unfolding in this strange city where time seemed to have been reduced to a thin slime, one which we could not quite grasp or manipulate as we had before. Dear reader, as you may have already begun to ken, we had not been posting for each day of our adventures in Bangkok. For the most part, we chose not to post, because the days were not so extreme as to warrant relating to you. In fact many of them did not even contain more than a few kilometers of wheeling. There are reasons for this, as you will soon find out. But what matters perhaps even more is that here at AsiaWheeling we specialize in delivering the extremes of experience, raw and uncut, and to be honest, many of our days were far from raw, and often cut.

Many hours spent working (mostly for your pleasure) in Internet cafes and overpriced coffee houses with Wifi, eating large quantities of delicious food, gaining weight, getting amazing $6 massages, and visiting the Japanese ramen restaurant so often that the entire staff soon knew us well.

To be completely honest, as our time in Bangkok wore on, many of our days began to start at noon or one or even later, and extend late into the night. As we shifted from what we had come to know as the normal human schedule, we found Bangkok quite happy to accommodate. For Bangkok is a night city, a city of demons and angels, a city of terrible sin and redemption, a city that simultaneously feels safer than any I’ve been to in the US, but is also rife with dangers.

Bangkok, we would like to tip our Panama hats in respect for your beauty and might, and to pour a sip on the pavement for all the many tales that cannot be written, for all the wild rides that could not take place on a bicycle. They say a bone is stronger once it had been broken. In that same way, AsiaWheeling is stronger for its extended stay in this bizarre city.

AsiaWheeling loves Bangkok and despises it at the same time. Though it’s a great city to cycle in, for us it was, in many ways, at odds with wheeling.

One thing we know for sure, however. We are deeply, deeply indebted to a certain gentleman by the name of Steve.

We were only able to spend a few hours with this man, but the degree to which he improved our time in Bangkok by sharing his empty residence with us is immeasurable.

So, dear reader, please forgive us for the time dashes in between these next few posts. And rest assured, AsiaWheeling will resume its regularly scheduled programing in no time.


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