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Wheeling Jerseys

Here you can see the Jersey’s we will print for the trip. The front of the shirt has the name of each country and territory we will be visiting in its native language. The size of each country’s name roughly designates how much time we will be spending there.


The back of the jersey features our namesake and the silhouette of a bishop. Why a bishop, you ask? According to wheeling terminology, one who rides in front of the pack is referred to as “bishop.” The bishop determines where the turns will be and sets the pace of the wheel. He who rides in the back of the pack is known as anti-bishop.


  1. Diane Heditsian | April 13th, 2008 | 9:38 pm

    I’m interested in knowing if there are corporate sponsorships available to underwrite the jerseys. For a deClarity logo on the back of the shirt, my company would be willing to pay for the shirts. How many do you need?
    Please respond to:
    Diane Heditsian
    CEO, deClarity

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